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Groundbreaking State-Sponsored Program Will Save Students Millions On Textbooks, PIRG Analysis Finds

The Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges launched a library of low-cost course materials for the state's 42 highest-enrollment courses. An analysis conducted by the Student PIRGs finds that the program will pay for itself through textbook savings within a single year.

News Release | Textbooks

'Textbook Rebellion' Launches Cross-Country Tour

The Textbook Rebellion kicked off a six-week, cross-country tour with events planned for 40 campuses nationwide.  At the tour stop, the University of Maryland, coalition members, students, faculty and a representative from the U.S. Department of Education were joined by the tour mascots, 'Mr. $200 Textbook' and 'Textbook Rebel,' to announce the launch.

News Release | Textbooks

High Prices Prevent College Students from Buying Assigned Textbooks

Skyrocketing textbook prices have driven many college students to risk their grades by foregoing assigned books according to new survey results.  This startling trend adds to mounting evidence that high college expenses can impact student success.


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